Dog training for teenage or rescue dogs – Balgowlah

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Teenage & Rescue Dog Course in Balgowlah
Mondays, 11:15am

  • Full course info: scroll to the Description section.
  • Summary:
    • Age: For dogs 16 weeks up until much older.
    • Prerequisite: your dog must get along with other dogs and people. If your dog is aggressive with or extremely fearful of other dogs and people, call us first to go through this issue before enrolling: 0424 740 234.
    • Teenage & Rescue Dog Info: How to help your teenage dog.
    • Location: Balgowlah Scout Hall.
    • Cost: $280 for 5 lessons. Plus add either:
      • Teenage & Rescue dog eBook (free)
      • Or, Teenage & Rescue dog paperback $10.
    • Goodog Teenage Graduates: A 50% discount applies for dogs retaking the course to refresh their skills.
    • Gift certificates: Valid for 12 months (6 months if on sale). Goodog will contact the buyer after purchase to arrange details of the gift certificate.
    • ♿️ Accessibility: Balgowlah Scout Hall is accessible. Email Renée for info.
    • Policy: on missed classes and cancellations.
    • Public holiday: if a course date lands on a public holiday, we skip that date and resume the following week i.e. in 2023 we skip 10th Apr, 12th Jun, 7th Aug, 2nd Oct.

How to book:

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Dog training classes for teenage or rescue dogs in Balgowlah run for five sessions (one hour each session) and costs $280 which includes a starter-pack, class recap and homework notes each week, and Barbara’s eBook on teenage dogs (upgrade to paperback +$10).

Training for teenage or rescue dogs – Balgowlah

  • Why Teenage Dog Training?: We strongly recommend this class to assist working with teen and older dogs. More info on teen and older dogs: How to help your teenage dog.
    • Teen and older dogs can forget their training, start causing strife (barking, digging, destroying) as they go through a similar stage to humans teenagers. Luckily we know how to work with teenage dogs to communicate with and work on these issues for a better home life for you all.
  • Dog age: This class is designed for teenage and rescue dogs from 4 months (16 weeks) until much older adults. Dogs enter the teenage phase around seven to eleven months and reach adulthood around 18 to 24 months.
  • Class times:
    • class commences approximately once a month on Mondays 11:15am at Balgowlah Scout Hall.
    • Classes are 1 hour, however most of the training occurs at home with homework.
  • Class size: we accept a maximum of eight dogs in this course (Mondays) and five on Saturdays.
  • Start dates: Lesson 1 covers important theory and is a video lesson to complete before the start date listed on this page. The in-person start date and is therefore Lesson 2. We do this to jump straight into practical training when we meet in-person.
  • What’s included in the course?
    • Lessons: There are 5 lessons.
      • Lesson 1: is a video theory lesson which you complete in your own time before the first in-person class (Lesson 2). Going through the theory before we meet helps us concentrate on practical training in class instead of listening to us talk. The theory covers how dogs learn, body language and positive reinforcement, plus some basic training to work on before the first in-person lesson. A Get Started Pack (manual) is also emailed as soon as you book in so you can go through this before and throughout the course.
      • Lessons 2-5: we’ll cover the basics (attention, sit, lie down, leave it) and then we move onto getting your dog’s attention, calm and self control, sit for greeting (not jumping up), walk on a loose lead, coffee shop manners, dog park behaviour, door/car etiquette, meeting people, kids and other dogs, the all-important come when called (recall), stay, leave things (such as chicken bones or cats), tricks, games and an introduction to Agility.
    • eBook/Paperback: You can opt to not receive an eBook, or Goodog owner and head trainer Barbara Hodel’s book on teenage dogs is included with a teenage course booking ($280) – How to love and survive your teenage dog. Or, paperback is an extra $10 ($290). Select either No Book, eBook or paperback from the dropdown menu to confirm your book choice upon booking. The ebook can be read on readers via iOS, Android, Mac, PC, Kindle Fire or Chromebook.
    • Emails/handouts/links: you’ll receive a class recap and homework email each week to continue training at-home. Most training occurs at home between classes so referring to the emails helps keep you on track.
    • Phone support: if you have any training questions during (or after) the course, call us and we’ll go over training concept with you.
    • Puppy Playdates: Goodog puppy graduates can join our Puppy & Teen Playdates program, where you can arrange dates with other Goodog puppy graduates. We have puppies listed in the Northern Beaches, Greater Sydney, other parts of NSW and in VIC if you’re travelling.
  • Prerequisites:
    • Dogs require up-to-date vaccination certificates to start class. Please email their certificate to us after booking into the course (details on booking email).
    • Dogs also need to mostly get along with other dogs and people. If you’re unsure, call us to discuss: 0424 740 234.
  • Balgowlah Teenage trainer: is Barbara (trainers may change). See all trainer profiles.
  • Missing a class: There are no make-up classes so please attend your scheduled class.
  • ♿️ AccessibilityThis course at Balgowlah Scout Hall has accessible options as does the Wednesday Teenage Course in Terrey Hills. Contact for info.
  • All start dates/locations: Check Our Next Classes for start dates at all locations.

Goodog training for teenage or rescue dogs will set your dog up to be the perfect companion when out and about and being calm when home alone.

Other course info

  • Scheduling: Goodog classes require a minimum number of confirmed bookings to go ahead, which is good for us but also good for pup socialisation and interaction. If we feel the number won’t be reached we may postpone the start date by a week or two.
  • Desexing/surgery: Do not schedule desexing or surgery just before or during the course.​ Training occurs every day over the course and dogs need rest after surgery, they will therefore miss a class and training and we cannot schedule a make-up session. Also, remember to research about breeds and the best ages to desex your pup (or not). Here’s an article to start: D​esexing​.
  • Book included with the course: Read all about Barbara’s book here: How to love and survive your teenage dog.
    • The eBook can be read on browser or ebook readers via iOS, Android, Mac, PC, Kindle Fire or Chromebook.
      • Add the free Vitalsource Bookshelf app to your device and create a free account.
      • Goodog will send full instructions once the course is purchased.
      • More about Vitalsource Bookshelf.
      • Retail cost: $24, however no extra cost with a Goodog Teenage class.
      • ISBN 978-1-922452-05-4
    • The paperback retails at $29, however is $10 with a Goodog Teenage class.
      • The paperback is available from the first in-person class. If you’d like the book earlier, contact (shipping $9.90).
      • ISBN 978-1-922337-56-6
    • If you select No Book or eBook is selected when booking and later ask to change to paperback, the cost is $15 to upgrade.


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