Dog Trick Training Workshop

Tricks are a great way to improve your relationship with your dog, increase confidence and give them trust in you.

We show you first how to teach a few basic tricks such as spin, take a bow, beg, weave through legs, high five etc We then move on to teach food and mouth targets which are the basics for many of the more advanced tricks such as closing doors, turning on lights etc.

We will also do some discrimination to teach picking up specific toys.

This workshop is suitable for anxious dogs who cope with being outside and in the presence of other dogs and people. There is no close interaction with other dogs.

Prerequisites: any dog or puppy who is friendly with people and other dogs can join.

2 hour workshop for $90

Bookings: Workshop & Training Sessions

Workshop’s are scheduled when we receive interest. If there is no date scheduled, add your name to our waitlist.

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