Puppy Preschool Info

Puppy Preschool Info for the Northern Beaches is below. You can also email us with any questions renee@goodog.com.au, call 0424 740 234 or make a booking.

NSW Health order: Classes continue during stay-at-home orders. Please see how that works in the NSW Health Order info below.

About Goodog Puppy Preschool

We strongly recommend Puppy Preschool for training and socialisation purposes. Goodog Puppy Preschool aims for happy dogs and happy owners and to set you up for a fun, ‘almost’ stress free puppyhood and a successful life together. The main aim of our classes is socialisation and training.

Socialisation: We aim for a well socialised puppy who interacts well with others and new environments. A well-socialised dog has a much better quality of life as they can go to many places, including coffee shops, off-leash beaches and on holidays. Socialisation is more than just interaction with other dogs, it is also the interaction with new environments, sounds and experiences. This means that most socialisation can be achieved at-home with our guidance. Our in-person classes are also the few courses providing carefully moderated off-leash interaction and play for puppies.

Training: We cover house training, mouthing/chewing, safe interaction with children, appropriate play with other puppies, jumping, digging, barking and any other issue/question you might have. After the course your puppy will sit, lie down, come when called and know a couple of tricks like roll over and high five.

Puppy Preschool class details

  • All class formats:
    • There are 5 lessons: 
      • 4 LIVE lessons, one hour per week – more than 1 hour is too tiring for pups and they lose interest, and 
      • 1 recorded lesson (28 mins) to complete in your own time before Lesson 2.
    • Puppies should start class sometime between 8-14 weeks. However, we can extend this period to 8–20 weeks if they join an At-Home LIVE class. If your puppy is older, book into a Teenage class.
    • Goodog sends a class recap and homework email each week with extra info and links to help you train at home.
    • The Saturday Balgowlah course is rolling every 4 weeks and pups can join any Saturday – where available. The other weekday puppy courses start approx. once a month.
    • Check the events page Our Next Classes for start dates.
    • 5 lessons = $250.
  • In-person classes:
    • Puppies need to start class sometime between 8-14 weeks.
    • Puppies require their 1st vaccination to start class (classes are indoors).
    • Goodog supplies treats and chews, however please bring your own if your pup has a sensitive stomach.
    • We take a maximum of 5–8 pups in each class depending on how many trainers attend, hall size etc.
  • At-Home LIVE classes:
    • Puppies need to start class sometime between 8–20 weeks. This is a longer period than in-person classes because they are at-home and we can assist older puppies when they are not mingling with the younger pups. If your puppy is older, book into a Teenage class.
    • Delivered LIVE over a secure Zoom connection.
    • Exactly the same class as in-person with bonus in-person socialisation at no extra cost.
    • Full info: About: At-Home LIVE classes

A good puppy class is invaluable for a well adjusted dog and will set you up for success from day one.

You should book into Puppy Preschool as soon as you decide to welcome a puppy. Goodog Puppy Preschool can sell-out approx. 2–5 weeks in advance.

Goodog Puppy Preschool locations:
– Saturday’s in Balgowlah at 1:30pm and 2:40pm
– Wednesday’s in Balgowlah at 6pm (previously Tuesday’s at Seaforth Vet)
– Wednesday’s in Terrey Hills at 6pm (previously in Forestville)

Goodog Puppy Preschool At-Home LIVE:
– Saturday’s 1:30pm and 2:40pm
– Wednesday’s 6pm

NSW Health Order info 

  • If restrictions are announced some classes may move outdoors (to a safe space), another location, At-Home LIVE (online), or attendee numbers may be limited. If you attend 2 or more online classes, Goodog offers additional in-person playgroup sessions once the health order eases, and at no extra cost.
  • Visit the updates page to see how classes are currently being delivered: Goodog is COVID Safe.

Bookings. Our next class dates
Enquiries: renee@goodog.com.au
For pups 16+ weeks: Teenage class info

Goodog owner Barbara Hodel is Delta qualified and a member of the Delta Institute and Professional Pet Guild AustraliaBarbara also holds a Diploma in Canine Behaviour Science and Technology and is the President of the Pet Professional Guild Australia (PPGA). View our trainer profiles here.
Puppy Preschool info for classes on the Northern Beaches.