Puppy Preschool Saturdays – Balgowlah

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Puppy Preschool Balgowlah – Saturdays, 1:30pm or 2:40pm

  • We strongly recommend Puppy Preschool for better training and socialisation outcomes.
  • For full class info, scroll down to ‘Description’ below.
  • ♿️ Balgowlah Scout Hall has accessible options. Contact renee@goodog.com.au for info.
  • Summary:
    • Goodog Puppy Preschool runs for 5 classes over 4 weeks with 1 at-home recorded lesson and 4 LIVE classes.
    • This class is rolling every 4 weeks and puppies can join each Saturday where available.
    • Puppies should join preschool anytime between 8-14 weeks with at least their 1st vaccination.
    • The date shown is the start date of your course. We book all classes in your course once we receive a booking/payment.
  • Public holiday: there are no classes on public holidays. The course skips that weekend and pups enjoy an extra week to train at home.
  • Health rules:
    • In-person classes are accessible to up-to-date/fully vaccinated people who can show their status. If you have an accredited exemption or paper only documentation please contact us prior to booking.
    • If health restrictions occur, see how classes operate in the section below – Health orders and extreme events info.

How to book:
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Goodog Puppy Preschool Balgowlah is for socialisation and training and puppies starting between 8 –14 weeks.

Goodog Puppy Preschool Balgowlah

  • The class:
    • Class is every Saturday at either 1:30pm, or 2:40pm in Balgowlah.
    • This class is rolling every 4 weeks and puppies can join each Saturday – where available.
    • 5 lessons: 4 LIVE lessons, one hour per week and 1 at-home recorded lesson (28mins) to complete in your own time. More than 1 hour can be too tiring for pups and they can lose interest.
    • You receive a class recap and homework email each week to continue training at-home between classes.
    • Goodog supplies treats and chews, however please bring your own if your puppy has a sensitive stomach.
    • Goodog Puppy Students and Graduates also have access to our Puppy Playdates program, where you can arrange park dates with other Goodog puppies. We have puppies listed in the Northern Beaches, Greater Sydney, other parts of NSW and in VIC if going on a future holiday.
  • Prerequisites for in-person classes:
    • Puppies require their 1st vaccination to start class (classes are indoors).
    • Puppies can start preschool sometime between 8-14 weeks. If your pup is 13-14 weeks and classes are full, contact us as we may have last minute options for older pups – renee@goodog.com.au. If your pup is 15+ weeks your pup needs to join the Teenage Course.
  • Missing a class: There are no make-up classes so please attend your scheduled class.
  • Check Our Next Classes for all start dates.
Goodog Puppy Preschool aims for happy dogs and happy owners and to set you up for a fun, ‘almost’ stress free puppyhood and a successful life together.

The main aim of our classes are socialisation and training. 

Socialisation: We aim for a well socialised puppy who interacts with other people, children and dogs in an appropriate and confident way and are one of the few classes providing carefully moderated off-leash interaction and play for puppies. Socialisation is much more than puppy-to-puppy interaction though, and we guide you on how to achieve full socialisation from home. Read more about that here: Socialisation
Training: We cover house training, mouthing/chewing, safe interaction with children, appropriate play with other puppies, jumping, digging, barking and any other issue/question you might have. After the course your puppy will sit, lie down, come when called and know a couple of tricks like roll over and high five.

A good Puppy Preschool is invaluable for a well adjusted dog and we’ll set you up for success from day one.

  • Goodog Puppy Preschool can sell-out approx. 3–5 weeks in advance so book early and as soon as you decide to welcome a new puppy.
  • If your pup is already over the age limits for Puppy Preschool, book into a Teenage Dog training class
  • Goodog classes require a minimum number of confirmed bookings to go ahead, which is good for us but also good for puppy socialisation and interaction. If we feel the number won’t be reached we may combine the two classes on Saturday afternoon to one time (1:30pm or 2:40pm).

Health orders and extreme events info
Classes continue during health order restrictions and most extreme events.

  • If restrictions are announced it’s important to keep training as there is a limited time to train puppies. Therefore some classes may move outdoors (to a safe space), another location or time, or be At-Home LIVE (online). If you attend extended At-Home LIVE classes, Goodog offers additional in-person socialisation once the health order eases and at no extra cost.
  • Read more about how At-Home LIVE online classes work.
  • When attending in-person classes during health orders please keep to the attendee limits.
    • Usually this is 2 people per pup and can be reduced depending on the order.
    • We may be able to accommodate some requests for extra guests, let us know.
    • Also please maintain distancing from other groups when in class, entering and exiting the hall and while outside the hall.
  • Latest health order updates and info here: Goodog is COVID Safe.
  • Extreme events (weather etc.): classes may still go ahead, however the class may move to another location or time, or be At-Home LIVE (online) if the access to the location is affected.

Your trainer is: Abbey*

Abbey trains Goodog classes:
🐶 Puppy Preschool on Saturdays in Balgowlah
🐶 Teenage dogs on Thursdays in Collaroy

Abbey has been in love with animals her whole life and started her animal career at Monikas Doggie rescue in 2017. Since caring for shelter dogs her interest in dog behaviour grew and developed into studying a Certificate III in Dog Behaviour and Training.

Abbey is passionate about helping families build a strong, positive relationship with their dogs to prevent dogs ending up in shelters.

Abbey is currently training her roommate’s dog, 4 year old Italian Greyhound Frank.

Here she is training rescue dog Kobe.

  • Certificate III in Dog Behaviour and Training (National Dog Trainers Federation)
  • Member of Pet Professional Guild Australia (PPGA)

Learn more about Abbey and other Goodog trainers here: About Us

* Trainers may change.

See clients testimonials: Happy Humans
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