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One-on-One dog training consultation

In our one-on-one consultation at your home or At-Home LIVE (online) we show you how to deal in a positive way with behavioural issues and teach you to work with your dog on more appropriate behaviours. We also assist with any questions you have. Most dogs require our Teenage & Rescue dogs course, but if there is a concerning issue then they may require a One-on-One consultation, you might have a dog that is not comfortable in a class situation, or is reactive to other dogs or people.

  • One-on-one consultations are tailored to the specific needs of the dogs and your home life.
  • One-on-one consultations are recommended for dogs with reactive issues and detrimental behavioural problems. If they get along with other dogs and people then the is better suited to their needs.
  • Some dogs are reactive and therefore not suited to the class environment so they should start with a one-on-one consultation before moving to a class.

The consultation takes at least 1.5 hours in-person and 45 minutes if At-Home LIVE. You receive an email outlining our recommendations and suggestions after the session, plus a complimentary 35min online course (for struggling dogs). Ongoing email and phone support is included beyond the consultation. We like to follow-up also to see how you’re progressing.

• In-person sessions: 1.5 hours for $270 (follow-up visits: 45 minutes for $130)
• At-Home LIVE (online): 45 minutes for $130.00
One-on-One Bookings: call 0424 740 234.

Puppy Set-up and Rescue Dog Set-up

Success From Day One Consultation

Just brought your puppy or rescue dog home and want to get off to the right start? We offer a Success from Day One training session to teach you how to train them. Think of it as having a Personal Trainer for your dog!

Free on-going after consultation support via e-mail and phone.

Puppy Set-Up and Rescue Dog Set-Up should be taken as a supporting option to our Puppy Preschool and Teenage Dog Course, not instead of. Therefore, we also recommend you book a Puppy Preschool (for pups starting 8–14 weeks) or Teenage Course (for pups 16+ weeks). If you can only attend one of these options, the preschool or dog course are a priority: more info.

• In-person sessions: 1.5 hours for $240
At-Home LIVE (online): 45 minutes for $130.00
Puppy Set-up Bookings: call 0424 740 234.

Bookings: please call Barbara on 0424 740 234 to book, for more info, or availability questions. If you have a different questions about courses and one-on-one options, fill out the contact request form below or email stating your question.

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    One on One Dog Training