Apartment Dogs

Targeted specifically at pet owners who live in apartments or townhouses, the training teaches the essentials for having a calm, quiet and relaxed dog when home alone.

However, apartment dogs require a different skill set and training approach to make them good neighbours. Owners also need different resources to keep their dogs happy and content. It’s a myth that dogs need a big yards to not bark, chew or display other destructive or unwanted behaviour. Dogs can be kept very successfully in apartments, just look at European cities like Paris or Zürich. One of the key success factors are enough aerobic and mental exercise and stimulation.

Goodog’s new ‘Happy Apartment Dogs’ course will cover the following topics:

  • Controlling dog barking
  • Toilet training – both inside and when the owner requests
  • Brain games for dogs
  • Calmly using common areas such as stairs and lifts
  • Dog calming techniques
  • Dealing with chewing of possessions and other destructive behaviour
  • Ideas for exercising dogs
  • Outline of useful services for busy owners such as good doggy day cares, dog walkers and house sitters

There are also specific breeds that may be more suitable than others for apartment living. It is not necessarily small dogs, but dogs that are designed to have short spurts of energy and then happily lounge on the couch for the rest of the day, such as Whippets or Greyhounds.

Older dogs are also great because they require less exercise, want to sleep for a good part of the day and they can be trained for living in smaller spaces.

About Goodog’s ‘Happy Apartment Dogs’ course:

The class runs for 5 sessions over 4 weeks and costs $280. We do daytime classes on Mondays and evening classes on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. They are labelled ‘Teenage’ in our class list.

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