Recall Workshop

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Workshops return:
On the 16th September 2021, under the 5 vaccinated people outdoors rule (5VOR).
More info on the outdoor exercise rule.

Do you want the perfect recall and a dog who comes back no matter what? The Goodog Recall training workshop helps owners and dogs perfect their recall. Learning a good recall also assists to keep our dogs safe from roads or exciting but sometimes dangerous items, like snakes or baits.

We offer a Dog Recall Workshop in Terrey Hills on Thursday afternoons, 1–3pm every now and then. Recall Workshop’s are scheduled when we receive interest so if there is no date available on the Events Page, add your name to our list to be advised when the next workshop is scheduled in the form below.

The workshop runs for 2 hours, starting with a 15 minute introduction on the theory and then two 45 minutes practical training sessions.

Prerequisites: any dog or puppy who is friendly with people and other dogs can join.

2 hour workshop for $90

Bookings: Workshop & Training Sessions

Workshop’s are scheduled when we receive interest. If there is no date scheduled, add your name to our waitlist.

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