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Lynne, Wayne & Freyja

Teenage graduate

Dear Renée

We’d like you to know how much we have enjoyed & benefitted from the Teenage Dog course with our teenage puppy Freyja.  We particularly congratulate Abbey for her assistance, her patience and her very good nature in guiding us through our training. Thank you very much for the course & thank you Abbey, you are a wonderful dog trainer.

Kind regards,

– Lynne, Wayne & Freyja (July 2022)

Freyja the Mini Labradoodle

Katie & Murphy

Teenage graduate

I think my dog Murphy has appreciated the training my partner and I got at Barbara’s teenage dog classes :). We now know how clever our dog is and that his naughtiness is often coming from his being bored.

Not only does he know obedience now like sit, stay, lie down and recall, but we are also learning tricks which help keep his clever brain active. And we are doing the Monday agility class which again has benefited the relationship between me and Murphy, and he will often have a big sleep following this, which usually wouldn’t happen following a normal walk. I would highly recommend. 

– Katie & Murphy (June 2022)

Murphy the GSP

Jenny & Piper

Teenage student

Thanks we absolutely loved our first lesson. 

It is great to get an understanding and acceptance of our teenage lab and working with that in such a positive way. 

Love the 50 treats a day, to keep us as fun trainers on track.  Look forward to next session. 

Very empowering to understand how to use the positive reinforcement.  The introduction video presentation was great for giving rationale for what we are doing, I will revisit it.


– Jenny & Piper (May 2022)

Piper the Labrador

Jacqui & Koda

Puppy Preschool Graduate

WOW getting a puppy was a little overwhelming especially over Xmas when it was hard to get my “little one” into puppy school due to her age, just being over 12 weeks.

No fear one call to Barbara and we had a booking to do our first puppy school which we have just completed. Koda loved every minute at school (unlike myself when I went to school) and we will be going back again for the Teenage course.  Not only did she learn so much but I learnt a lot as well.

With persistence and patience we are on the road to success thanks to Barbara and her team showing what I should and shouldn’t do as parent to my new loved one.

After taking this course I feel a lot more at ease with myself around her and not frustrated not knowing what to do.

Thanks TEAM for making this happen because without this support I could have gone down the wrong path with Koda.

Thanks again

– Jacqui & Koda (February 2022)

Koda the Staffy

Angela & Clover

Puppy Preschool Student

Dear Renée,

Just wanted to express our thanks for this evening’s session.  Nathan was absolutely incredible. Myself and my son learned so much.  So engaging and helpful! 

Angela 🙂

– Angela & Clover (February 2022)

Goodog trainer Nathan with Albie
Goodog trainer Nathan with Albie

Lynda, Tex & Pat

Puppy Preschool Graduate & Teen graduate

Dear Barbara, Maz and team,

Thank you all for your positive support in both the Puppy and Teenage classes to help train us to handle our rescue dog, Pat. I know it will be a long road for us with Pat but the latest teenage classes and the amazing one-on-one support due to her past issues has really helped us to understand Pat better and to make good progress on her walks. I really believe that your positive training methods have been vital in building her trust after her difficult start and the key to successfully teaching her commands. Please tell Maz that we went up to Newcastle with Pat and following his advice had a successful stay with our granddaughter.

I hope you all have a great Christmas and enjoy all the festivities after such a difficult year. I won’t rule out more support and guidance in the New Year but we will keep the training up and try to follow your advice and valuable information from your book.

Kind regards,

– Lynda, Tex & Pat (November 2021)

Donna, Graham & Luey

Puppy Preschool Student

I just want to say how much Graham & I enjoyed our puppy preschool class with Luey today!

I’d like to acknowledge & commend Jess on her great class teachings, she was so full of knowledge, patience & a kind manner, as well as encouraging to us humans & our puppies.

We look forward to next week …

Thanks again,

– Donna & Graham (February 2021)

Goodog Puppy Preschool Border Collie Northern Beaches

Maxine & Pepper

Recall Workshop graduate

Please pass on our thanks to Barbara for a great session.

We are quite aware that these dog training classes are really about training the owners. We got a great deal out of the class and now feel more confident about training our gorgeous puppy Pepper. Must add we have a very tired pup now.

We look forward to joining the agility classes in the new year. 

– Maxine (December 2020)

Katy, Toby & Suzette

Puppy Preschool graduates

We loved our classes with Goodog Puppy Preschool and our babies learnt a lot. We also got some great training too!

The classes were fun, interactive and informative and we’re so proud of our puppies and all the tricks they can now do.

I’d highly recommend these classes to anyone with a new puppy.

– Katy, mum of Toby and Suzette (November 2020)

Pamela, Neal & Frankie

Teen graduate

Many thanks to Barbara and Nathan for the training classes for Teenage Dogs. We got a lot out of the classes. Thank you. And Frankie thanks you too.

We’d love to come along to the fun agility classes. Might book one in soon.

Anyway, our thanks again and I’ll try and make the agility class sometime. 

– Pamela, Neal & Frankie (October 2020)

Wiebke & Chipp

Teen graduate

Thanks so much for the great course! Chipp and I really enjoyed it. 

Thanks a lot and I’ll try and make the agility class sometime. 


– Wiebke & Chipp (September 2020)

Kim & Mr Jools

Teen graduate

We took our one year old little rescue dog, Mr Jools to the Teenage Class which was run fantastically well by Jess. Her enthusiasm was infectious and her understanding of the individual needs of each dog was really helpful for both the dogs and their owners. We thoroughly enjoyed the program, laughed a lot and came away very pleased we had participated.

Thank you Jess.

Kind regards,

– Kim, Peter and Mr Jools (August 2020)

Goodog graduation ribbons

Karmen & Toby

Puppy & Teen graduate

Thank you to Barbara and the team at Goodog for teaching us how to handle Toby and with his ability to find and eat all sorts of things that he shouldn’t.

After the initial puppy classes followed by the teenager puppy classes Toby has come such a long way in all his training and is a very happy and good boy.

Here is a pic of Toby being super good with his photo shoot this morning.

– Karmen & Toby (June 2020)

toby graduates from goodog puppy and teen classes

Georgina & Chia

Online Teen class

Dear Barbara,

Chia and I thoroughly enjoyed your zoom teen classes. Chia has learned a range of new tricks and I have gained invaluable tips to keep her stimulated and happy. Thanks so much for your support and always helpful positive advice.

Hopefully we will see you and the other furry friends we made from the class at the park soon!!!

– Georgina & Chia (April 2020)

Goodog Testimonial Chia

Sarah, Scott & Chilli

Online Puppy Preschool

Thanks so much for your online puppy school – we are finding it excellent with our pup ‘Chilli’. He has come so far (and so have we) and we still have one class to go! The zoom set up works really well and we really appreciate your pragmatic and sensible suggestions to help Chilli settle into life as part of our family and become a super ‘Goodog’. It is also great to see the other puppies and owners and benefit from the questions they ask. We will definitely be joining the teenage classes once we have mastered all of the puppy tricks and tips.

Here’s a shot of Chilli in his happy place – asleep among our shoes … who needs a bed?

– Sarah (April 2020)

Goodog testimonial chilli

Kristie & Notorious

Online Teen Class

My 2 year old pup, Notorious, and I recently completed the Teenage & Rescue Course. We started the classes in person but had to go online through Zoom video meetings for the later half of classes. We enjoyed the in-person classes, but also found that the video calls were easy and manageable and kept us entertained during lockdown. The Zoom connection was easy and we put the laptop on the coffee table and were able to sit and work through our training tricks and connect with the other participants.

We’re focusing on our loose leash walking and coming back when called and the positive reinforcement training is going well. Thanks Barbara and Renée. We look forward to coming back and joining a few more classes in the future.

– Kristie (April 2020)

Goodog testimonial Notorious

Katie & Bailey

Online Teen Class

Thank you so much, Bailey and I have really enjoyed the online teenage dog classes. I have been pleasantly surprised at how well it worked in the online format, with clear presentations, lots of opportunity to practise and plenty of hints and tips. Real-time feedback from the trainers has been invaluable and we had lots of fun watching the dogs progress. We are leaving with plenty of new skills to practise, tricks to learn and games to play while we’re hanging out at home.

– Katie (April 2020)

Goodog graduation ribbons

Emma, Josh & Blaze

Online Teen Class

Thanks so much Barbara and Renée, we cannot wait to catch up with you both and the other graduates face to face, and to do more classes too.

Thanks again for everything.

Warmest regards,

– Em, Josh and Blazey xx (May 2020)

Blaze teenage class graduate

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