Dog Training basic for teenage and rescue dogs (online)

Goodog Rescue Dog and Teenage Dog TrainingOur course is online and four weeks in duration (one hour each week) and costs $210 which includes a starter-pack and hand-out notes. We take a maximum of six dogs per course.  Our course focuses on things such as how dogs learn, body language and positive reinforcement for the theory, and then the practice concentrates on:

*  getting your dog’s attention
*  self control
*  sit for greeting (not jumping up)
*  lie down
*  walk on a loose lead
*  coffee shop manners and dog park behaviour
*  door and car etiquette
*  meeting people, kids and other dogs
*  the all-important come when called
*  stay
*  leave things such as chicken bones in the street, cats and other exciting things to be avoided
*  tricks, games and agility

We try to get calm and confident dogs in real life situations, basically a dog you can take anywhere (or at least set them up to achieve this stage) and are a pleasure to be around.  We also focus on trick training as this improves the relationship and is fun for dog and owner (and impresses your friends!).  Family members are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Online classes will move to in-person once shared spaces are available again.

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