Puppy Preschool Tuesdays – Seaforth Vet

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Puppy Preschool Seaforth Vet
Tuesdays, 6pm

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  • Summer break: Classes break over the end-of-year period between mid-Dec and mid-Jan. We provide plenty of homework to go over during this time.

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Goodog Puppy Preschool Tuesdays in Seaforth covers socialisation and training for puppies starting between 8 – 14 weeks.

Goodog Puppy Preschool, Seaforth Vet – Tuesdays 6pm 

  • Why Puppy Preschool?: We strongly recommend Goodog Puppy Preschool for better training and socialisation outcomes for puppies now and throughout their life. At Goodog, we aim for a well socialised puppy who interacts with other people, children and dogs in an appropriate and confident way.
    • Goodog is one of the few schools providing carefully moderated off-leash interaction and play for puppies with qualified trainers.
    • Socialisation is much more than puppy-to-puppy interaction though, and so we guide you on how to achieve full socialisation during the course and throughout their puppyhood. Read more about Socialisation.
  • Puppy age: puppies need to start preschool sometime between 8-14 weeks for the best training and socialisation outcomes. If your pup is 13-14 weeks and classes are full, contact us as we may have last minute options for older pups – renee@goodog.com.au. If your pup is 15+ weeks your pup needs to join the Teenage Course.
  • Class times: commences approximately once a month on Tuesday evenings 6pm at Seaforth Vet. Classes are 1 hour as more than 1 hour can be too tiring for pups and they lose interest.
  • Class size: we accept a maximum of five pups in this course.
  • Start dates: Lesson 1 covers important theory and is a video lesson to complete before the start date listed on this page. The date listed on this page is the in-person start date and is therefore Lesson 2. We do this to jump straight into practical training when we meet in-person.
  • What’s included in the course?:
    • Lessons: There are 5 lessons.
      • Lesson 1: is a video theory lesson which you complete in your own time before the first in-person class (Lesson 2). Going through the theory before we meet helps us concentrate on practical training in class instead of listening to us talk. The theory covers how pups learn, their development, basic training plus to get you started on toilet training. A toilet training guide is also sent as soon as you book into the course.
      • Lessons 2-5: we’ll cover house training, how to combat mouthing/biting/chewing, being home alone, name recognition, recall basics (come when called), how to prevent jumping-up, combating barking and digging, exchanging items they shouldn’t have, crate training, or any specific issues you bring up each week. Plus, puppy training skills, reward training, environmental socialisation, puppy-to-puppy socialisation, communication, appropriate play with other puppies, handling pups the right way and safe interaction with children. Also, tricks to help with communication and training success such as sit, lie down, roll-over and high five.
    • Emails/handouts/links: you’ll receive a class recap and homework email each week to continue training at-home. Most training occurs at home between classes so referring to the emails helps keep you on track.
    • Phone support: if you have any training questions during (or after) the course, call us and we’ll go over training concept with you.
    • Puppy Playdates: Goodog puppy graduates can join our Puppy Playdates program, where you can arrange dates with other Goodog puppy graduates. We have puppies listed in the Northern Beaches, Greater Sydney, other parts of NSW and in VIC if you’re travelling.
  • Prerequisites:
    • Puppies require their 1st vaccination to start class (classes are indoors). Please email us their certificate after booking into the course.
  • Seaforth Vet Puppy trainer: Nathan or Barbara (trainers may change). See all trainer profiles.
  • Missing a class: There are no make-up classes so please attend your scheduled class.
  • ♿️ Accessibility: Seaforth Vet does not have accessible options. If you require a location with accessible options, view course dates for Terrey Hills Scout Hall (Wed evenings) and Balgowlah Scout Hall (Sat afternoons). Contact renee@goodog.com.au for info.
  • All start dates/locations: Check Our Next Classes for start dates at all locations.

Goodog Puppy Preschool aims for happy dogs and happy owners and to set you up for a fun, ‘almost’ stress free puppyhood and a successful life together.

  • Goodog Puppy Preschool can sell-out approx. 3–5 weeks in advance so book early and as soon as you decide to welcome a new puppy.
  • If your pup is already over the age limits for Puppy Preschool, book into a Teenage Dog training course.
  • Goodog classes require a minimum number of confirmed bookings to go ahead, which is good for us but also good for puppy socialisation and interaction. If we feel the number won’t be reached we may postpone the start date by a week or two.