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Puppy Preschool Seaforth Vet – Reservation – Tuesday’s, 6pm
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Goodog Puppy Preschool for socialisation and training in Seaforth Vet is for puppies starting between 8 – 14 weeks.

  • Tuesday’s 6pm Seaforth Vet
  • 5 lessons: 4 in-person lessons, one hour per week. 1 at home tutorial lesson to complete in your own time.
  • Puppies should start class sometime during 8-14 weeks (14 weeks is the last week they can start class).
  • If your pup is already over 14 weeks of age, book into a Teenage class.
  • Puppies require their 1st vaccination to start class (classes are indoors).

Goodog Puppy Preschool Seaforth is designed for puppies starting between 8 and 14 weeks. We teach all the basics (name, sit, lie down, come when called, high five, roll over) and much more and we explain how to properly socialise your puppy, how to house train and trouble shooting for mouthing, home alone, children and dogs and more.

We also believe puppy to puppy interaction is extremely important for a well adjusted dog. At Goodog Puppy Preschool socialisation and training we teach the puppies to interact appropriately with other dogs in our carefully managed and moderated play session.

  • If your pup is already over 14 weeks of age, book into a Teenage Dog training class
  • Goodog classes require a minimum number of confirmed bookings to go ahead, which is good for us but also good for pup socialisation and interaction. If we feel the number won’t be reached we may postpone the start date by a week or offer a class at a different location.

NSW Health Order info
Classes continue during health order restrictions.

  • If further restrictions are announced some classes may move outdoors (to a safe space), another location, or online (live). If you attend extended online classes, Goodog offers additional in-person playgroup sessions once the health order eases and at no extra cost. The start time or day for outdoor or online classes might change.
  • When in class please keep to a maximum of 2 people per pup and maintain 2sqm distancing from other groups when in class, entering and exiting the hall and while outside the hall. This location is our smallest space and we cannot increase the 2 person per pup rule. Balgowlah and Terrey Hills have more room for extra spots though (where available).
  • More info here: Goodog is COVID Safe.

Your trainer is: Nathan

Nathan has a Certificate III in Dog Behaviour and Training from the National Dog Trainers Federation. Nathan started his career at Monica’s doggie rescue in 2015 and has always had a strong affinity for animals and a particularly strong interest in the bond between canine and Homo sapiens.

He also found purpose in caring for all the dogs in the shelter, however became more focussed on how he could prevent dogs ending up in shelters in the first place.

Nathan’s best friend is 4 year old Bull Arab cross breed, Albie who is outgoing and a very good dog.

Albie arrived at Monika’s rescue when he was 1 year old and remained there for 18 months before finding his forever home with Nathan. Albie and Nathan have now been together for almost 2 years and are inseparable.


  • Certificate III in Dog Behaviour and Training (National Dog Trainers Federation)

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