Dog training for teenage or rescue dogs – Terrey Hills

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Teenage Class Terrey Hills – Wednesdays, 7:10pm (also 6pm on occasion)

  • Teen Dogs: We strongly recommend this class to assist working with teen and older dogs. More info on teen and older dogs: How to help your teenage dog
  • Age: Dogs can join a teenage class anytime from 16 weeks and up until a much older age.
  • Classes: Goodog Teenage runs for 5 classes over 4 weeks with 1 at-home recorded lesson.
  • Start dates: Teenage class commences approximately once a month.
  • Cost: Classes are $280 which includes an eBook on teen and older dogs (+$10 for paperback).
  • Accessibility ♿️: Terrey Hills Scout Hall has accessible options. Contact for info.
  • Vaccination rule: In-person classes are accessible to fully vaccinated people who can show their status and to those with accredited exemptions.
  • Health restrictions: If health restrictions occur or in extreme events, classes may move location and time or be At-Home LIVE.
  • Full info: scroll down to description

How to book:

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    • Book type: eBook is no extra cost, whereas paperback is +$10.
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Dog training classes for teenage or rescue dogs in Terrey Hills run for five sessions (one hour each session) and costs $280 which includes a starter-pack, class recap and homework notes each week, and Barbara’s eBook on teenage dogs (upgrade to paperback +$10). This was the Forestville class, which has now moved to Terrey Hills.

Training for teenage or rescue dogs – Terrey Hills

  • Wednesdays 7:10pm (also 6pm on occasion)
  • $280
  • 5 sessions over 4 weeks, one hour each session
  • Lesson 1 is a recorded lesson and can be watched at home in your own time.
  • Lessons 2–5 are LIVE from the start date.
  • Dog vaccination history required before your pups first in-person class.
  • We take a maximum of eight dogs in this course.
  • Location: Terrey Hills Scout Hall on Beltana Ave

This class is designed for teenage and rescue dogs from 4 months (16 weeks) and focuses on things such as how dogs learn, body language and positive reinforcement. Goodog will provide revision of the basics (attention, sit, lie down, leave it) and then we move onto getting your dog’s attention, self control, sit for greeting (not jumping up), lie down, walk on a loose lead, coffee shop manners, dog park behaviour, door/car etiquette, meeting people, kids and other dogs, the all-important come when called (recall), stay, leave things (such as chicken bones or cats), tricks, games and an introduction to Agility.

Goodog training for teenage or rescue dogs will set your dog up for being the perfect companion when out and about and being calm when home alone.


Do not schedule desexing or surgery just before or during the course.​ Training occurs every day over the course and dogs need rest, they will miss a class and we cannot schedule a make-up session. Also, remember to research about breeds and the best ages to desex your pup (or not). Here’s an article to start: D​esexing​.


Goodog classes require a minimum number of confirmed bookings to go ahead, which is good for us but also good for pup socialisation and interaction. If we feel the number won’t be reached we may postpone the start date by a week or two.


Book info
Read all about Barbara’s book here: How to love and survive your teenage dog.

  • The eBook can be read on browser or ebook readers via iOS, Android, Mac, PC, Kindle Fire or Chromebook.
    • Add the free Vitalsource Bookshelf app to your device and create a free account.
    • Goodog will send full instructions once class is purchased.
    • More about Vitalsource Bookshelf.
    • Retail cost: $24, however no extra cost with a Goodog Teenage class.
    • ISBN 978-1-922452-05-4
  • The paperback retails at $29, however is $10 with a Goodog Teenage class.
    • The paperback is available in from the first in-person class. If you’d like the book earlier, contact (shipping $9.90).
    • ISBN 978-1-922337-56-6


NSW Health order info:
Classes continue during any health order restrictions. Please read how that occurs below or here: Goodog is COVID Safe.

  • If restrictions are announced this class could move outside of the hall and earlier to catch the daylight until they ease again. Or, if outdoor activities are also restricted this class will move At-Home LIVE (online), with additional in-person classes later on (see next main bullet point).
    • The start time for outdoors classes might be slightly earlier to capture the light before sundown (there are no lights outside the hall).
    • The start time and day for At-Home LIVE classes might change.
  • If you attend extended At-Home LIVE classes, Goodog offers additional in-person playgroup sessions once the health order eases, at no extra cost.
  • When attending in-person classes please keep to a the people per pup limits (depending on the health order) and maintain distancing from other groups, also when entering and exiting the hall and while outside the hall. Usually the limit is 2 people per pup (excluding kids ≤12) and can be reduced depending on the order. We may also be able to accommodate some requests for guests, let us know.
  • Common questions about At-Home LIVE online classes.
  • Latest health order updates and info here: Goodog is COVID Safe.

Your trainers are Barbara* & Maz*


In 2015 Barbara completed her Diploma in Canine Behaviour Science and Technology at the Companion Animal Sciences Institute in Canada.

Barbara has been involved in dog training for the last 20 years and has completed her Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services with the Delta Society in 2007 and is a professional member of the Delta Institute.

She competes in the dog sport of Agility and Rally O and Shellbe (a German short-haired pointer) competes on Master level in Agility and Rally O. Chillax, one of Shellbe’s puppies, competes in Rally O and got his Rally Novice title in October 2019. He is just starting out in Agility. 

Barbara is the President of the Pet Professional Guild Australia. The Guild promotes force free and humane training for all pets. View Barbara’s and all our trainers full profiles in About Us.

You can contact Barbara on


Maz has completed his formal qualification, a Certificate IV in Animal Companion Services through Hanrob Dog Training Academy. He has trained multiple of dogs over his life and has been training and caring for dogs since a very young age.

His current dog Messy, a German Shepherd cross displayed aggressive behaviour towards other dogs and separation distress but through positive reinforcement training, Maz has assisted Messy in overcoming these behaviours.  Messy has now started scent work, agility and Rally and has become a much happier and more relaxed dog.

Maz is passionate about dogs and  training and understanding dogs’ behaviour  is his forté. Maz has also been exposed to different training methods, however adopted a positive reinforcement approach as the best strategy and has experience with puppy adult dog training programs as well as agility, herding, and scent detection. Maz also volunteers at the local dog club.

  • Certificate IV in Animal Companion Services
  • Member of Pet Professional Guild Australia (PPGA)

* Trainers may change.

See clients testimonials: Happy Humans
Learn more about: Teenage dogs


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