Do some dogs need a heavier hand?

It comes up again and again. Someone has a ‘strong’ breed, or a large breed or a stubborn breed etc etc and they are looking for a ‘strong’ trainer. Assuming that these dogs need a heavier hand then your ‘average’ dog.
All dogs learn the same, regardless of their size, breed or temperament. Some might be more motivated by specific reinforcers or are more easy going than others but in the end the process of learning is the same.
It is actually saver to use a gentle and well designed training process to train these dogs instead of trying to overpower them. Even if the trainer could assert, what this kind of trainer most likely call, dominance where does this leave the owner?
There also a lot of research out there that shows that the use of aversive methods will cause more aggression not less.
I think you need strong dog trainers, strong on qualification, experience and empathy for both dog and owner.