Barbara’s top 10 tips for your teenage dog!

Yes, teenage dogs are challenging but it does not have to all be drama. Here are Barbara’s top 10 tips for teenage dogs to keep you on track:

1 It is a phase

All living beings need to go through the teenage phase to reach maturity. Most dogs come out the other end just fine.

2 Keep it fun

Play, train and spend quality time with them.

3 It is a prime time for learning

Their brain is wired for learning – do not miss that opportunity! So, train and train and train some more.

4 Mental stimulation

Use enrichment in any form, such as a sniffari (let them sniff on walks), Kong, puzzles – positive things to keep their brain active.

5 Enough down time

It is a fine line between too much and not enough. But do not create an athlete you cannot get tired anymore.

Barbara with Shellbe

6 Let them play

Most young dogs love to play, with you, other family members and other dogs, so let them play. Consider training play.

7 Pay attention

Pay attention to trigger stacking, fear phases, startle responses and behaviour chains (if it does not get better, you are probably teaching a behaviour chain.)

8 Keep yourself relevant

50 treats a day are a great start. Also check out Kathy Sdao’s book: Plenty in life is free.

9 Keep it positive

Positive reinforcement is by far the best way of training. There are reason for these challenging behaviours so address the underlying cause.

10 It is a phase!

Good luck!

Barbara Hodel

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How to love and survive your teenage dog by Barbara Hodel
How to love and survive your teenage dog by Barbara Hodel