A puppy is not an accessory!

line of puppies

A puppy is not an accessory! And no you do not need one to be the perfect family.
There are puppy classes on offer every single day of the week, day time, evenings, weekends. If you cannot find time to do any of those please do not get a puppy.
The window of socialisation is only open for a short time and will never come back.
I met another dog recently whose owners did not have time to socialise the puppy properly. They now have a dog who is scared of other dogs, bikes, people with crutches or pack packs and much more. You name it and the dog is scared of it.
This is not a life, not for the dog nor for the owners. This dog will most likely end up in the backyard or in rescue. If the dog goes to rescue he will become a statistic, which means euthanized before he turns three years old.
This is just so very sad! And very wrong.
If you do not have time do not get a puppy!