Free Dog Masterclass Series – July 2022

You’re invited to this free dog masterclass series:

Decoding Your Canine

Free Dog Masterclass Series

Do you want to learn more about your best friend? Are you struggling with behavioural issues or health woes with your dog?

If so, then join me and 28+ top experts and influencers as we delve into the world of dog, what makes them tick and how we can help you overcome any dramas you are having.

Topics covered:

  • Dog separation anxiety
  • Dog behaviour
  • Dog nutrition
  • Dog training
  • Dog aggression
  • Dog fitness
  • Dog trick training

From 11th – 24th July, Decoding Your Canine: The Masterclass Series will help you discover the secrets to having the almost perfect dog by covering training, health and well-being.

My friend Ness Jones has brought together some of the world’s most knowledgeable trainers and health professionals to discuss all things dog, including training, behavioural issues, nutrition, fitness & exercise, medicine, herbal remedies, photography and more.

And you can get access to all of this by registering on this link. Once the new page opens, click the pink button.

Don’t miss out on the likes of:

Barbara with Shellbe

And me, Barbara Hodel 🇦🇺 of course!

It’s free!! But you need to save your seat (register) to get access.

Event info:

  • Cost:
    • Free: Watch the masterclasses free over a 48 hour period.  
    • $37 USD: Lifetime access to the masterclasses plus workbook is $37 USD. This will increase once the classes commence.
  • Date: 11th July – 24th July 2022. Timetable announced shortly.
  • How to attend: online

Claim your ticket to this amazing online and free dog masterclass series. Once the new page opens, click the pink button:


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