Special Announcement: Parvovirus

Special announcement: Parvovirus
There is now a diagnosed case of parvovirus in the Palm Beach area. Parvovirus is highly contagious and potentially fatal to dogs. Goodog asks you to read the following article to prepare yourself on what to look out for and to reduce risk – Parvovirus in Dogs.

If you have any concerns take your puppy or dog to the vet immediately.

For those currently attending a course or will join one soon, please call Barbara on 0424 740 234 and discuss your situation if:

  • You have been in the Palm Beach area with your puppy or dog.
  • You take your young puppy to off-leash areas anywhere on the Northern Beaches.
  • Your puppy or dog is not their usual self. In this case go to the vet immediately as a first action. Then, call Barbara to update her on your situation.

If you are enrolled in a course and Goodog can see that you live close to the affected area, we will contact you to assess your situation. Or, call Barbara ASAP: 0424 740 234.