No is a big ‘no no’ in dog training

Another day another owner yells ‘no’ or ‘ahah’ at her dog as instructed by the trainer.

I always say 50 % of dogs think their name is no, 40 % ‘ahah’ and the rest have no clue. Assuming your dog thinks her name is no then by yelling ‘no’ you are reinforcing the unwanted behaviour with your attention.

You might get to the point that your dog stops what she is doing when you yell but if you turn away, most likely she will continue to do what you just interrupted.

Or if you do it too often you are just nagging your dog and she will tune out, just like your partner or the kids.

Why not try a more pleasant and more effective approach.

First manage, so your dog does not do the wrong thing. If you made a mistake and let your dog do the wrong thing, ‘interrupt’ (calmly with her name) ‘redirect’ ask for an incompatible behaviour (like sit instead of jumping up) and reward.

I promise it works and your dog will soon do the thing you want. Give it a go!


And that’s Shellbe having a great time.