Do you need to rehome your dog?

I love GSPs but it seems more and more are coming up in rescue. Just for the record, my puppies were sold with a contract that states if they have to be re-homed for any reason during their life time, they have to come back to me.
I do not have a problem per se if someone needs to rehome a dog. Sometimes it is the best solution for everyone but it should be done in a responsible way.
This means get prepared, get in contact with breed rescues, friends, use social media, talk to the vet and keep the dog until a new home has been found.
It is not fair to dump the dog in a shelter or pound. It is stressful for the dog and detrimental to the dog’s well being. I really do not know how people can do this and sleep at night.
It is also not fair on the rescue people who do every thing to help these poor dogs, on a tight budget and at a high cost to their well being.
zorbas proud