Thunderstorm phobias in dogs

I have talked to a lot of dog owners this week about fear of thunderstorms or even worse thunderstorm phobias.
This is an extremely distressing situation for the dog and the owner.
As with most cases, prevention is better than cure. If you have a dog or puppy who is not scared of thunder, storms or noises, keep it that way. Use the Sound Proof Puppy App to get them used to all these noises and play/feed/interact with them when storms approach so the have a positive association with the potential trigger.
If you have a dog that is already scared but can cope, start a counter conditioning process during the off season and again make the storms a happy occasion.
If your dog is more worried you could try a Thundershirt, ADAPTIL, give them access to a safe place and start counter conditioning.
If it is really bad you might want to consult a veterinary behaviourist for medication.
This is Zorbas in his thundershirts.thundershirt