Getting a new puppy – do you have time?

black puppies smile

I am getting a lot of phone calls lately from ‘time poor’ new puppy owner who ask me if I could do a one on one instead of them coming to puppy class.
I could and it would be great for business but I am really reluctant to sell it.
I will sell a puppy set up at a reduced price in conjunction with a puppy pre school but a one on one can never replace a good puppy school.
The main role of a puppy pre school is socialisation, with other people, other children, puppies, new environment etc. It also is a good opportunity to show that riding in a car is a good thing. Training is another great part as well as information on all the normal puppy ‘problems’.

If you really cannot spare the time for four weeks to bring the puppy to a pre school how are you going to socialise and train your puppy which takes a lot of time and effort. The puppy pre school is nothing compared to all the other things that need doing.
Maybe reconsider getting a puppy and wait for a time when you are less busy. Just a thought.