A dog is not an accessory!

shellbe and pipi

A dog is not an accessory, piece of furniture or another object.
If you work full time and have a busy life style think again.
Yes you can use day care and yes there are great dog walkers.
However, during the first months a puppy or a rescue dog will require a lot of time and commitment.
I have seen a few shell shocked clients lately. They tell me that it is like having another baby. Yes it is and no it will not get better anytime soon. The first few years are really important and will take a lot of your time.
You really should make sure you are up to it and can provide your new family member with the time, training and socialisation they need to develop into a well adjusted canine citizen.
But if you can – happy days!

A few people got really upset when I posted this on facebook and questioned my duty of care. Because in their opinion everyone should be able and allowed to have a puppy. This is not the case. If you do not have time, don’t do it.

I also told them that my duty of care was with the dogs and puppies and not the people who buy them like a care or a piece of furniture.