Online crash course to help your covid impacted dog

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Online crash course to help your covid impacted dog: teaching them to enjoy novelty and be happy when home alone.

  • Online crash course info: 
    • By covid impacted dogs, we mean a dog who is struggling due to fewer opportunities to socialise over the last few years. They may not like being left alone, or not coping with lifestyle changes. More info: what is socialisation and why do puppies and dogs need it?.
    • The lesson helps you understand how dogs think and how to communicate with them, plus Barbara covers dogs being home alone and introducing them to novelty.
    • The lesson is 35 minutes and can be watched multiple times.
    • The lesson is for pups 16+ weeks of age until much older.
    • For more info, scroll to the description section below.
  • Cost: $30 for the online video lesson.
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Online crash course for dogs impacted by covid

Join our online crash course to help your covid impacted dog. The lesson is suitable for all dogs 16+ weeks of age. We show you how to socialise your dog to help them adjust to being home alone and get them used to your post- stay-at-home life. Socialisation and training is an ongoing process and this course will get you off to the right start. Goodog is also available to assist you along the way.

  • Delivery: Once payment is made, Goodog will email a link to the nominated email address to view the lesson, plus unique password.
    • The lesson can be watched multiple times.
  • Prerequisite: Suitable for dogs 16+ weeks of age until much older.
  • Cost: $30 for the lesson.
  • Technical info/requirements?
    • Platform: The lesson is on Zoom. You do not need a Zoom account to access, but will be asked to enter your booking info for permission to watch the lesson. Enter the same contact info as listed on your invoice.
    • Device: The lesson can play on any device with internet connection (phone, iPad, laptop, desktop).
    • Browser: We recommend the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox or Safari for Zoom to operate. Explorer is not recommended.
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What is socialisation and why do puppies and dogs need it?

Socialisation is not what you think it is and this online crash course for dogs impacted by covid will assist with their socialisation. Many believe dog socialisation is just puppies or dogs forming social interaction with other puppies and dogs. However, this is only one part of puppy and dog socialisation.

Socialisation actually means the process of when a pup is gradually exposed to a situation and starts to form positive associations with that new environment. This could be a hairdryer noise, being home alone, the car, people at the door, people walking past the house, parks, the coffee shop, bikes, skateboards, other puppies and dogs or new humans. Therefore, most socialisation can be achieved at-home with our guidance and this lesson will show you how.

Still have questions? Email,au for more info on the online crash course for dogs.

Your trainer is: Barbara

In 2015 Barbara completed her Diploma in Canine Behaviour Science and Technology at the Companion Animal Sciences Institute in Canada.

Barbara has been involved in dog training for the last 20 years and has completed her Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services with the Delta Society in 2007 and is a professional member of the Delta Institute.

She competes in the dog sport of Agility and Rally O and Shellbe (a German short-haired pointer) competes on Master level in Agility and Rally O. Chillax, one of Shellbe’s puppies, competes in Rally O and got his Rally Novice title in October 2019. He is just starting out in Agility. 

Barbara is the President of the Pet Professional Guild Australia. The Guild promotes force free and humane training for all pets. View Barbara’s and all our trainers full profiles in About Us.

You can contact Barbara on

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