Happy Owners



Many thanks Allison and Barbara,
We really appreciate the extra trouble you both go to so that we can be part of the class.  I am really enjoying it and Miss B seems to have settled into it really well.  Your expertise, patience and unfailing good humour are an unbeatable combination!
See you next week, Linda and Bianca



Thank you so much Barbara for your time spent with Will, Maggie and me. One week later and we are already seeing a great improvement in Maggie’s stress levels. Stopping the free feeding has made a huge difference along with the other training we discussed. Still lots to work on but I feel we can get there.




Many thanks for following up. Dusty is such a delight to walk now. Dusty is responding to all his cues (except fetching he prefers to run away and be chased, still working on this ha-ha) and now remembers what his real name is.
It seems all that was needed was a bit of human retraining and you to remind me of how to be a well trained owner.
Thank you so much again, Dusty and I are so lucky to have you as such a caring and knowledgeable resource.



We are very grateful for the help and advice that Goodog has provided to us in training our dog “Dexter.” The puppy classes including the advanced classes made for a lot of fun and really helped us to train our dog in many skills including sitting, recall and walking on a loose lead. Damien & Lauren


Dear Barbara & Allison,

I just wanted to drop you a note to say that we really enjoyed the evenings of training with Indi. We’ve learnt a lot and it’s been a great experience to help us build a stronger relationship with our beautiful dog.

The extra care and understanding that was made because Indi is a rescue dog, has been very helpful & reassuring.

Barbara, thank you in particular for all your support through the emails and calls I have made to you.

It’s really great to have back up by great trainers who really know what they are doing, and have the dog’s best interest at heart.

Thanks again and we might see you at the Advanced training…

-Adrienne & Andrew