Dog Training for teenage or rescue dogs

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Date(s) - 03/03/2022
5:45 pm - 6:45 pm

Kent St Collaroy Anzac Reserve


Dog training classes for teenage or rescue dogs in Collaroy run for five sessions (one hour each session) and costs $280 which includes a starter-pack, hand-out notes and Barbara’s eBook on teenage dogs (upgrade to paperback +$10).

Dog training for teenage or rescue dogs – Collaroy

  • Thursday’s 5:45pm
  • $280
  • 5 sessions over 4 weeks, one hour each session
  • Lesson 1 is a recorded at-home lesson (online) and can be watched in your own time before Lesson 2.
  • Lessons 2–5 are in-person from the start date.
  • Dog vaccination history is required before your pups first class.
  • We take a maximum of five dogs in this course.

This class is designed for teenage and rescue dogs from 4 months (16 weeks) and focuses on things such as how dogs learn, body language and positive reinforcement. Goodog will provide revision of the basics (attention, sit, lie down, leave it). We then move onto:

  • getting your dog’s attention
  • self control
  • sit for greeting (not jumping up)
  • lie down
  • walk on a loose lead
  • coffee shop manners and dog park behaviour
  • door and car etiquette
  • meeting people
  • kids and other dogs
  • the all-important come when called
  • stay
  • leave things such as chicken bones in the street or cats and other exciting things to be avoided
  • tricks and games, and
  • an introduction to Agility.

Goodog training for teenage or rescue dogs will set your dog up for being the perfect companion when out and about and being calm when home alone.


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Book info
Read all about Barbara’s book here: How to love and survive your teenage dog.

  • The eBook can be read on browser or ebook readers via iOS, Android, Mac, PC, Kindle Fire or Chromebook.
    • Add the free Vitalsource Bookshelf app to your device and create a free account.
    • Goodog will send full instructions once class is purchased.
    • More about Vitalsource Bookshelf.
    • Retail cost: $24, however no extra cost with a Goodog Teenage class.
    • ISBN 978-1-922452-05-4
  • The paperback retails at $29, however is $10 with a Goodog Teenage class.
    • ISBN 978-1-922337-56-6

Your trainer is: Jess

Jess’s animal care career began when she took a job as a kennel hand at a local dog rescue in 2012. Initially Jess only knew that she wanted to help to look after and give love to the dogs. However, her interest in training and behaviour was sparked by the realisation that many dogs are surrendered to pounds and shelters as a result of preventable behaviour problems.

This thought was strengthened by Jess’s decision to foster and then adopt a big, beautiful dog called Snow who required a lot of ongoing training to help her feel safe and secure in the world away from the shelter. In 2014, Jess completed her first dog training accreditation through TAFE NSW and has not looked back. Snow sadly passed away at 14 years of age in 2017. Jess has now fulfilled a childhood dream and is owned by Odin the teenage Rottweiler.

  • SOA Dog Training (TAFE NSW)
  • Certificate II Animal Studies• Diploma Canine Behaviour Science and Technology (CASI) • Living and Learning with Animals (Behavior Works) 
  • Member of Association of Pet Dog Trainers
  • Member of Pet Professional GuildMember of Association of Animal Behaviour Professionals 

Jess has been accepted into the Karen Pyror Academy Dog Trainer Professional Program which was unfortunately postponed to 2021 due to the global pandemic.

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